Diamond wire drawing dies

As for wire drawing dies in finishing process of metal wire production, carbide dies have been main current.
Recently the Diamond wire drawing dies attract manufacturers' attention because of their long lifetime.
Our products attain 1.5-3.0 times in wire length and 3 times in dies lifetime. One of our unique technologies in this area is mounting process of diamond and sintered hard metal.


Diamond Nozzle

Our Diamond nozzles are used for nano-processing machine (nanomizer) and water-jet machine.
Diamond in hole material reveals long lifetime, decay durability and multi-hole capability.


Diamond Coiling Pin

Material of pins in coiling machines is usually tungsten carbide or hight-speed steel. We have succeeded in developing Diamond coiling pins. These pins have many good features. Many spring maker have begun to use our coiling pins.


Diamond High-wear Resistance Tool

A wear-resistant tool that dramatically enhances its function by using diamond for the wear and sliding parts of various tools and machine parts.

We produce a product according to the user's specifications, and their durability sometimes reaches more 10 times than tungsten carbide tool.



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Corporate Philosophy

We pursue the unknown benefit of diamonds to the maximum, strive to produce products which support from bottom of the world, and contribute to society through the happiness of all the people related in our company.


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