Diamond Nozzle

General description about our Diamond nozzles

Our diamond nozzles are used for nano-processing machine (nanomizer) and water-jet machine for high pressure cleaning, cutting and de-flash for the mold package of electronic IC etc... We realizing super longer life high pressure-resistant by using Diamond as materials orifice material.


Until recently, the Ceramics, Carbide and Stainless steel have been used for high pressure nozzle, but our diamond nozzles have a major feature in the durability. Also we can produce type of multi-orifice, the high pressure flat-jet nozzle and more with Diamond.

using example

Nano-processing nozzle (multi-nozzle)
Water-jet nozzle (single-nozzle)

Typical specifications

for Nano-processing

Flat jet woks

shape of flat jet on over 50Mpa (500bar)

Delivery results

Several worldwide nanomizer manufactures have started to introduce our nozzles.