What kind of diamond do you use for your products?
The diamond which we use is roughly classified to the (1)"natural diamond" (2)"artificial monocrystal diamond" (3)"sintered diamond". (1)Natural the diamond is one kind of ore which is produced naturally, hardness is highest in the substance on the earth, and widely used as a material for various industries. (2)Artificial diamond, also is called as the monocrystal diamond, are formed artificially from carbon. It is used for the almost same use as natural diamond. (3)Sintered diamond, also is called as the polycrystalline diamonds, is produced in burning process with metal binder. Flexibility in process of this diamond is superior to others.
What is the merit of using diamond in your products?
Diamond tools are superior to other tools in the point of anti-abrasiveness due to its high hardness. So you can get the decrease of exchange frequency of machining tools.
In addition, because they have the superior character in lubricity, the filament mark does not occur and you do not need to use expensive lubricant by using our deep-drawing dies and coiling pins.
How long can we use your products?
Generally, you can expect long-life in comparison with carbide tools as several digit numbers.
You should, however, inquire us the point, because there may be a great difference of life depending upon working condition.
Can you make the products on an experimental basis?
In the phase of introduction, it begins from trial manufacturing. We produce it on an experimental basis, but this orders may be accepted at your expense.
There is no transaction with your company until now.Can we order?
In case of not being transaction with us, do not hesitate to contact to our business address. We will send you the estimate after setting trial specification.
What is the minimum number of order units?
One unit can be acceptable. Please contact us even if you think your order may not be commercial base.
How long does it take for you to deliver your products from order?
We respond to your demand to the utmost, but because the manual procedures will be needed, we shall have longer delivery period compared to carbide tools. Delivery period is within one month in the case of the custom-made or single item.
In addition, if it becomes the usual standard item, we set to delivery period which responds to demand.
Is it necessary to draw up the design at the time of order?
In case of not preparing your drawing design, we can make the drawing in our works. We can produce diamond tools without your drawings.
How long is life of the Diamond wire drawing dies in comparison with the carbide dies?
Generally speaking, we can expect a great improvement of life in Diamond wire drawing dies compared with conventional carbide wire drawing dies.
Typically it can be several digit numbers levels longer life. But, because there is a difference depending upon working condition and materials, you should consult us individually. In addition, we utilize our unique technology that is in mounting process of diamond and sintered hard metal, so our wire drawing dies have 1.5-3.0 times life in wire length and 3 times life in dies life comparing with other diamond ones.
By the same token, our coiling pins can attain the same level life.
How long is the wire diameter which your wire dies can process?
Natural the diamond wire drawing dies :0.04 - 1.50mm
Artificial diamond wire drawing dies :0.10 - 1.00mm
Sintered diamond wire drawing dies :1.0 - 10.00mm
What materials can we apply to your deep-drawing dies?
Our diamond deep-drawing dies are suitable relatively for processing the metallic materials of high hardness such as Mo alloy material.
If you have any dissatisfaction in deep-drawing processing, Please contact us about deep-drawing dies materials.
Of course, the stainless steel can be processed by our diamond deep-drawing dies.
What kind of usage of your diamond guide is?
In a wire electrical discharge machine that can be used in the metal processing for mold-making industry, high accuracy would be determined by wire guides. Namely, wire guides are used in order to lead wire rod for processing to wire route.
What is nano- processing? What process does it take?
Nano' means unit of length. 1nm (nano- meter) equals to 1/1000000000 m = 1/1000000 mm = 1/1000 micron.
Therefore, nano-processing means the process of making ultra fine particles. There has been a nano- processing technology itself, but recently in the cosmetics fields it becomes to come the front.
We have produced various diamond nozzles which are used for the nano- processing.
What materials are suited for nano-processing?
We can apply all liquid materials to nano-processing. Nano-processed liquid will have different characteristics to its own, so this processing will be applied to large industrials fields including cosmetics, beverage and others.
What kind of diamond cutting tools can you produce?
We can produce various kinds of diamond cutting tools that may be a substitution of the carbide tool.
At present we mainly produce diamond cutting tools of sintered diamond suitable for processing of nonferrous metal and ceramics.